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!Xunkhwesa Combined SchoolSecondary (NC)
1000 Hills CollegeCombined (KZN)
3 Bears EducarePrimary (WC)
Unknown Status
345 Nursery School (vorna Valley)
Pre Primary (GP)
4L's Pre SchoolPrimary (NW)
A B Siwendu Senior Primary SchoolPrimary (EC)
A B Zambodla Junior Primary SchoolPrimary (EC)
A M Bam Junior Primary SchoolPrimary (EC)
A M S Sityana Senior Secondary SchoolSecondary (EC)
A M Tapa Secondary SchoolSecondary (EC)
A Petit Pas Independent SchoolPrimary (MP)
A Re Thabeng Primary SchoolPrimary (GP)
A W Barnes Primary SchoolPrimary (EC)
A v Bukani Primary SchoolPrimary (EC)
A.c.j. Phakade Primary SchoolPrimary (WC)
A.f. Kriel Vgk Primêre SkoolPrimary (WC)
A.f. Louw LaerskoolPrimary (WC)
A.g Malebe Intermediate SchoolCombined (NW)
A.h. Barnard Primêre SkoolPrimary (WC)
A.i. Kajee Primary SchoolPrimary (KZN)
A.m. MashegoSecondary (LP)
A.m. Moolla Secondary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
A.z. Berman High SchoolSecondary (WC)
A.z. Berman Primary SchoolPrimary (WC)
Aa Khumalo Primary SchoolPrimary (MP)
Aaliance Early Childhood Development CentrePrimary (LP)
AalwynPrimary (NW)
Aalwyn Intermediêre SkoolCombined (NC)
Aan De Doorns Ngk Primêre SkoolPrimary (WC)
Aangelegen Primary SchoolPrimary (KZN)
Aaron Gqadu Primary SchoolPrimary (EC)
Aaron Letsapa PrimaryPrimary (NW)
Aasvoëlkrans Pf/sPrimary (FS)
Ab KolwaneIntermediate (NC)
Ab Phokompe Secondary SchoolSecondary (GP)
Ab Xuma Primary SchoolPrimary (GP)
Abambo Agricultural SchoolSecondary (EC)
Abambo Primary SchoolPrimary (KZN)
Abana PrimaryPrimary (NW)
Abantungwa High SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Abaqulusi High SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Abathwa Primary SchoolPrimary (KZN)
Abbotsford Christian SchoolSecondary (EC)
AbbotspoortPrimary (LP)
Abbott's College, Durbanville
Secondary (WC)
Abbotts College CenturionSecondary (GP)
Abbotts College Johannesburg SouthSecondary (GP)
Abbotts College NorthcliffSecondary (GP)
Abbotts College Pretoria EastSecondary (GP)
Abbotts College, MilnertonSecondary (WC)
Abbott’s College (claremont)Secondary (WC)
Abc Day Care Centre( Scenary Park)Primary (EC)
Abc Educare CentrePrimary (WC)
Abc Nursery and Pre SchoolPrimary (GP)
Abc Primary SchoolPrimary (GP)
Abcs Christian HSecondary (KZN)
Abdullah Bin Salaam Islamic CentreCombined (GP)
Abedare Primary SchoolPrimary (WC)
Abeile Ruche School (century City)Primary (WC)
Abeille Ruche SchoolCombined (WC)
AbelSecondary (LP)
Abel Motshoane Secondary SchoolSecondary (GP)
Aberdeen Primary Public SchoolPrimary (EC)
Aberdeen Secondary SchoolSecondary (EC)
Aberfeldy Pf/sPrimary (FS)
Abinala Primary SchoolPrimary (GP)
Abiot KolobePrimary (LP)
Abontle Primary SchoolPrimary (NW)
Abra Kedabra CrechePrimary (WC)
Abraham Levy Primary SchoolPrimary (EC)
Abraham SeroteSecondary (LP)
Abraham Vanqa Primary SchoolPrimary (EC)
Abram Hlophe Primary SchoolPrimary (GP)
Abram SibasaPrimary (LP)
Abundant Life Christian AcademyCombined (GP)
Abundant Life Christian SchoolPrimary (EC)
Acacia Laer.
Primary (WC)
Acacia Primary SchoolPrimary (KZN)
Acacia Primêre SkoolPrimary (WC)
Acaciavale Primary SchoolPrimary (KZN)
Academia Primary SchoolPrimary (WC)
Academia PrivateCombined (LP)
Academic Quality Education College
Combined (GP)
Academy Business SchoolCombined (GP)
Academy Charity Trust JhbSecondary (GP)
Academy High SchoolCombined (EC)
Academy Private SchoolSecondary (WC)
Academy for Christian EducationSecondary (NW)
Academy of Excellence Pi/sUnknown (FS)
Academy of Excellence Si/sSecondary (FS)
Accelerated AcademyCombined (MP)
Accelerated Christian College Ii/sCombined (FS)
Accelerated Christian College Si/sSecondary (FS)
Accord Business AcademySecondary (EC)
Accordionstraat Primary SchoolPrimary (WC)
Acek Academy Secondary SchoolSecondary (MP)
Achievers Tutorial College
Combined (WC)
Achtertuin Ame Primêre SkoolPrimary (WC)
Achtervlei Mor Prim.
Primary (WC)
Ackermanskraal Farm SchoolPrimary (EC)
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