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Abcs Christian HSecondary (KZN)
Alpine Road Private Education CentreSecondary (KZN)
Anchorlite CollegeSecondary (KZN)
Bembaskop Combined Secondary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Dayimane JsSecondary (KZN)
Dcc Matric SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Dumaphansi SSecondary (KZN)
Esizibeni SSecondary (KZN)
Hillcrest CollegeSecondary (KZN)
His Church SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Hlelikusasa JsSecondary (KZN)
Icesa Edu SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Imizamo SecondarySecondary (KZN)
Implowane High SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Imvunge HSecondary (KZN)
Indawana Ss SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Interfellowship Christian SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Isabelosethu Secondary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Khulabebuka Secondary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Kwadomba High SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Kwavutha SSecondary (KZN)
Lalela FinishingSecondary (KZN)
Mawubane JsSecondary (KZN)
Mfimfitha HSecondary (KZN)
Mhlakaza High SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Mshiyane SecondarySecondary (KZN)
Muntukaboni SSecondary (KZN)
Munyawana Private SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Ncwecwe Secondary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Nende High SchoolSecondary (KZN)
NgobozanaSecondary (KZN)
Nikiza SSecondary (KZN)
Nkanyiso High SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Nomeva Primary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Nongoma FinishingSecondary (KZN)
Samuel Mkhize SsSecondary (KZN)
Sbongushozi JsSecondary (KZN)
SibongushoziSecondary (KZN)
Sibukosethu HSecondary (KZN)
Simangele SSecondary (KZN)
Siphumelele Secondary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Sizanayo HSecondary (KZN)
Sizwile JsSecondary (KZN)
Sondoda Secondary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Unknown Status
South African Jockey Academy
Secondary (KZN)
Unknown Status
St John's Diocesan School for Girls (senior)
Secondary (KZN)
Ubuhlebembiza Secondary SchoolSecondary (KZN)
Umhlahlandlela JsSecondary (KZN)
Unknown EntrySecondary (KZN)
Zakhe Agricultural CollegeSecondary (KZN)
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